Love being a lifestyle photographer...

When I started this journey of doing photography, I always knew that I wanted to make a difference and preserve memories for people so they could cherish their images for the rest of their lives, and when looking back feel like they are in that moment again.

 BUT actually being capable of that was a different story. Photography is so personal to me, and the business is so cut throat there are so many wonderfully talented people out there especially in Arizona that have the same dream as me and I respect every single one of them, learning and growing and being able to create one of a kind images is so rewarding and when forming a relationship with a client I almost feel like they are apart of my family. 

Back in Febuary 2010 Allicia Roza came to me wanting me to photograph her and her fiance at the time now husband's engagement photos. 
The photos took place at the Boojum Tree Garden it was beautiful.

Allicia let me know that her and Mike wanted me to photograph their wedding. Their wedding took place in the summer, it was hot! But that didn't stop it from being one of the most beautiful weddings I've seen. 
Their wedding also took place at Boojum Tree

About one or two months later Allicia called me with exciting news, informing me that she needed me to take pictures in 9 months.. I was confused at first asking "9 months?" Then she broke the news that her and Mike were expecting an April baby!

I had the pleasure of doing their Maternity photos, it was so fun! Lol 
Mike is hilarious! 

The big day came and Allicia was admitted at her hospital, I called and called because I did not want to miss this little baby being born into this world! Poor Mommy was stuck at 6 cm forever. Allicia is one of the strongest women ever, going through intense contractions that were on top of each other while holding it together beautifully.

The pushing began me and her mother and Grandmother came in just as she was about 6 pushes away from having him. She looked so beautiful and Mike seemed nervous but extremely happy.

It was incredible chanting with the their family on how good she was doing and to push harder and just being involved with the entire birth. At one point Allicias mother informed me "I was like their family now" lol She's so sweet.

Daddy cutting the cord 

First Family photo :)

During pushing Allicia requested a slushy from Sonic and if they weren't open someone better find a slushy making business lol.. she was hilarious!

Congrats Allicia and Mike, you guys have no idea how special this experience was for me!
Love you guys!!

Sarah Embree

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